The Meridian Water Community Chest

A new Community Chest Fund has launched to help improve neighbourhoods closest to the new Meridian Water development in Edmonton. Available to not-for profit organisations, the funding will help to improve the neighbourhoods in the three Edmonton wards of Upper Edmonton, Edmonton Green and Lower Edmonton. As the Meridian Water development moves forward in delivering new homes, new infrastructure, new public realm and community facilities, partners (including developers and contractors) to the project are currently contributing into the new Community Chest Fund.

Organisations can now apply for small grants of up to £2,500 and large grants of up to £60,000. Further contributions are expected through the lifetime of the scheme from future partners.

We are now inviting bids for a share of this new grant to help fund Edmonton focussed community projects. We are keen to fund projects that will make a real difference to the lives of local people and communities in Edmonton.

The application form for large grants can be downloaded here.
The application form for small grants can be downloaded here.

Please send completed application forms to by 5pm Friday 23rd December.

Please clearly mark your email with the name of your organisation or project, and whether you are applying for a small or large grant.